Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Startup basics

I finally got the White Bull himself to launch a Periscope. It went pretty well for his first time, and he's putting together a plan to cover a lot of the basics that the average entrepreneur simply doesn't know. You can watch the first one here.

One thing that is definitely going to be needed is a glossary. It was kind of funny when he suddenly realized that most people simply aren't familiar with a fair number of words that one tends to take for granted in that world.


They never learn

Supreme Dark Lord‏ @voxday
It's only a matter of time before the rest of the #FakeRight AKA Dicky Spencer's Dance Party is outed as gay Jews.

Eli Mosley‏ @ThatEliMosley
Don't be jealous because @RichardBSpencer owns the rights to a book you want to publish you greedy book merchant. Stick to vyda and comics.

Supreme Dark Lord‏ @voxday
We are helping an author whose own publisher won't even RESPOND TO HIS EMAILS.  As we have done for other authors with other publishers.

Supreme Dark Lord‏ @voxday
Richard Spencer has not responded to repeated requests for arbitration specified by the contract by the author. You know this, Eli.

Ember Wolf  🍂‏ @EmberWolfTMNM
Have you and Concernovich been drinking from the same glass in the past day? There's something in that water.

Eli Mosley‏ @ThatEliMosley
If you're asking if they collude because they are saddened by their shrinking relevance compared to us, then yea. Same shit.

Supreme Dark Lord‏ @voxday
And that was after TWO FREAKING YEARS of no royalty statements or payments. Totally irresponsible and incompetent.

Eli Mosley‏ @ThatEliMosley
So you're admitting that you're attacking him purely because of business reasons and not because you actually believe your own BS? Got it.

Supreme Dark Lord‏ @voxday
No, the way he runs his business merely confirms his lack of integrity, which I had suspected on the basis of his political actions.

Supreme Dark Lord‏ @voxday
You told me yourself that he is a complete fuck-up when it comes to details and organizational matters. Weren't you supposed to fix that?

Keep in mind that the book in question came out in 2013 and currently stands at  #684,934 in Books and #651,423 in Kindle. These Fake Right clowns literally do not understand the concept of acting on principle or helping people simply because it is the right thing to do.

Which tends to lead one to suspect that when they accuse everyone else of being shills and merchants, they are projecting on that score too. What I can't understand is what benefit they can possibly derive from clinging to the rights to the author's book when they're barely selling any copies anyhow.

And how is Richard Spencer going to accomplish anything at all when he can't even successfully run a tiny publishing house that is a fraction of the size of Castalia House? It's absolutely no surprise to me that his little marches and demonstrations have turned out to be debacles in light of what I've learned about his organizational capabilities.

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Deck the walls

Add-On: Three-Poster Set

This is to receive a three-poster set that will consist of the backer’s choices of a) the map of the city of Avalon, b) the logo poster, c) the logo poster featuring various characters, d) Rebel Poster #1, e) Dynamique Poster #1, or d) Posters to be named later, but which likely include alternate Rebel and Dynamique posters at a bare minimum. All posters are 17″ x 21″. Most posters will be vertically oriented; the map poster will most likely be horizontal. Shipping is included.

The Alt★Hero campaign continues to advance. I just answered some questions for a large conservative site, so awareness of the series is beginning to percolate into the conservative media.

If you want to revise your backing, just email Freestartr support and tell them exactly what you want to do. This all gets sorted out when the campaign ends, so don't worry if your precise combination of things you want are not available on a single Reward or Add-on. This is just part of life on the leading edge.


Scientists can't do science

One of the signs of a society in decline is the way in which its institutions are increasingly incapable of performing their primary functions. SJW convergence is one reason for decline, but declining intelligence and capability is another one. I suspect the latter may be the root cause of the latest scientific debacle.
Researchers warn that large parts of biomedical science could be invalid due to a cascading history of flawed data in a systemic failure going back decades. A new investigation reveals more than 30,000 published scientific studies could be compromised by their use of misidentified cell lines, owing to so-called immortal cells contaminating other research cultures in the lab.

The problem is as serious as it is simple: researchers studying lung cancer publish a new paper, only it turns out the tissue they were actually using in the lab were liver cells. Or what they thought were human cells were mice cells, or vice versa, or something else entirely.

If you think that sounds bad, you're right, as it means the findings of each piece of affected research may be flawed, and could even be completely unreliable.

"Most scientists don't intentionally publish findings on the wrong cells," explains one of the researchers, Serge Horbach from Radboud University in the Netherlands.

"It's an honest mistake. The more concerning problem is that the research data is potentially invalid and impossible to reproduce."
Science is not, and should never be, considered any sort of truth-metric. It can only be judged by its actual real-world results, which is to say, science that has not advanced to the state of being transformed into engineering can NEVER be relied upon.

This also demonstrates why it is so vital to construct a solid and reliable foundation, because building upon intellectual sand means the entire edifice is eventually bound to collapse.

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Dicky Spencer's Dance Party

The Fake Right are complete phonies and they always have been:
After a lifetime of involvement with the far-right Kevin Wilshaw announces on Channel 4 News that he is leaving the movement – at the same time publicly coming out as gay. The well known National Front organiser in the 1980s was still active in white supremacist groups earlier this year – including speaking at events. But tonight on Channel 4 News he explains for the very first time why he is publicly disavowing the movement – sharing his secrets, explaining how he was both a Neo-Nazi and of Jewish heritage.

“You have other members leading National Front who are overtly gay.... “I want to do some damage as well, not to ordinary people but the people who are propagating this kind of rubbish – want to hurt them, show what it’s like for those who are living a lie and be on the receiving end of this type of propaganda, I want to hurt them.”
We should have known this, on the principle that a) SJWs always project and b) SJWs always seek to infiltrate.

I remember being surprised when I interviewed Richard Spencer and discovered him to be to the Left of the entire Brainstorm community and surprisingly vague about anything that was policy related. This was the great extremist, the outlaw intellectual? My initial assumption was that he simply had poor judgment and hadn't really formulated his political philosophy, especially when he went from one public relations debacle to the next without ever managing to accomplish anything substantial or do anything useful.

But it wasn't until I discovered that Spencer had opposed Brexit and supported the European Union that I began to conclude that he, and at least a portion of what I called the Alt White, were not even of the ideological Right at all. I soon got confirmation from Greg Johnson, Andrew Anglin, and their fellow travellers, as they tried to simultaneously - and dishonestly - argue that a) they were the most extreme right of the right-wing, b) any criticism of them was "punching right", and c) the terms of left and right were outdated and meaningless.

I don't know about you, but anyone who has read SJWADD will recognize that form of rhetorical sophistry. It is ambiguity.

Arguments such as the following depend upon ambiguity. ‘Those learn who know: for it is those who know their letters who learn the letters dictated to them’. For to ‘learn’ is ambiguous; it signifies both ‘to understand’ by the use of knowledge, and also ‘to acquire knowledge’. 

And when I had the opportunity to see how Spencer had treated his authors, how he had not paid them or even reported book sales to them for literal years, how he had gone dark rather than respond to repeated telephone calls and emails, I understood that his character was very, very different than he sought to portray it to be.

Once I saw that the Fake Right was not only sophistical and dishonest, but was using its rhetoric in the interest of  pushing its knowing and intentional falsehoods, it became obvious why they were constantly accusing me and other married men of various non-Jewish backgrounds, of being gay and being Jewish. It was, of course, because they were projecting.

There is nothing right about the Fake Right in any sense of the term. They are not of the ideological Right. They are not straight; notice how few of them have wives, girlfriends, or children. And it is increasingly questionable how many of them are even white despite their clownish proclamations about white supremacy. They are no more genuine than the swastikas that so often appear on synagogue walls, the nooses that regularly appear on college campuses, and the date rapes that so often occur to outspoken feminists.

Don't be fooled. There is no truth in them. The Fake Right is The Pink Swastika 2: Iron Menorah.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Of possible interest

What's extremely exciting, at least to me, is that someone I very much respect recently informed me that he has picked up both books and intends to read them. I don't know what he'll make of them, but I do hope he'll at least find some of the information in them to be useful.

From the reviews of SJWs Always Double Down:
  • An improvement over the groundbreaking first. Where the examples in SJW's Always Lie were a little inside-baseball, these are literally ripped from today's headlines. Anyone who does not live in a cave who reads this book will instantly recognize the goings on. I have several people in organizations I'll be buying this book for instantly.
  • A worthy follow up to the first volume. After reading SJWs Always Lie I started noticing the patterns from the book in the news. I would not have noticed them without reading the book. Forewarned is forearmed. I recommend this book to individuals who may be attacked by SJWs and for executives who may be apolitical but who do not want to see their businesses ruined.
  • The insight into the SJW psychological breakdown is probably the most important part, something SJWs Always Lie did not cover. Once you know your enemy, you can better predict them.

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Mailvox: convergence in the churches

SC wonders where it starts:
In your chapter in SJWADD on the SJW convergence sequence, you talk mostly about corporations and how they can be slowly infiltrated. You do mention churches in places, particularly the saga of North Heights. I have one question about the infiltration/reinforcement stage as it applies to churches. You point to HR as the primary locus of SJW infiltration in companies. What do you think it is in a church? I would say the two best places would be children's ministry and a deaconess ministry (if a church already has one); basically, stuff that allows someone to have behind-the-scenes or administrative influence.
The first place it starts is the Sunday Schools, because it is always hard to find the teachers and women are much more inclined to take on the role of educating children. The second place is the administrative functions, because those are not traditionally considered to be subject to the various strictures relevant to the Biblical standards. After all, the Bible may limit pastoral duties and the Elders to men, but says nothing about accountants and secretaries.

The third place is the singles ministry. Because no one, least of all good Christians, wants to blame single mothers for their poor choices, and because too many of the men who attend the singles' groups tend to be low in socio-sexual status, there is a natural tendency to gravitate toward secular standards and feminism that provides an entry point for convergence. Be particularly wary of any pastor who moves into leadership from either the singles or women's ministry.

It would probably be very useful to research how the women who end up in the pulpit at converged churches began their careers in the church. That would provide a sound basis for what is merely casual observation and conjecture at this point. Where, for example, did Mindy Bak first begin her career at North Heights?

For more about this, read SJWS Always Double Down.

Mailvox: another reader notes that a female family member, my sister is a "minister" in a thoroughly converged church, got her start in the women's ministry in college.


We win again!


VD: Did we win?
Vineyard shop employee #1: Win what?
VD: Did we buy the most bottles today?
VSE #1: What?
VD: Did we buy the most bottles of anyone who took the tour today?
VSE #1: Um... actually, yes.
VD & SB: (high-five)
E: So, what do we win?
VSE #1: What?
E: Don't we get a prize?
VSE #2: Hold on. (goes and retrieves a bottle, puts it in a gift bag.) Here you go!
Everyone: Hurray! (poses for a picture with both employees.)

All right, so there may have been an amount of wine-tasting involved. A considerable amount, as it happens. Actually, the best part was the five-star lunch at the restaurant owned by the vineyard, where we were the only diners today. Jose, our waiter, put on a truly professional show, complete with a freaking easel and cardboard posters, as well as an unforgettable explanation of how all of the animals who went into the meal were lovingly raised on the premises before being slaughtered. It was more than a meal, it was an education.

Jose: And the core of this next dish is the little lamb from our farm here, whom I raised myself and permitted to sleep in my own bed every night, until this very morning, when I strangled him in the most loving and humane manner you can imagine. We should all be so fortunate as to perish in a manner as quick and painless as little Pepe. (sniffs, brushes away a tear) He is served in a sauce of butternuts and rancid red wine, with potatoes, leeks, and chunks of jamon.

SB: So how did you kill the cuttlefish in the last dish?

Jose: What?

E: Who cuddles fish?

To quote F, you know it's going to be a great meal when a) there is literally no one else in the restaurant, and b) there are three wine glasses per setting on the table. As it turned out, they ended up bringing a fourth glass per person, thereby raising the level from epic to legendary. Four people, three bottles. And that was before the wine-tasting started.

Needless to say, they got straight 5s on the customer satisfaction ratings. Except for F's, who simply scrawled BEST TOUR EVER across his form.

Say what you will about Spacebunny and me, but we always win the wine tour. And if you're a Foundation-level Voxiversity backer, you can rest assured, your European experience is going to be epic. We've spent 20 years researching this sort of thing.



The latest rumor from the deeps: Julian Assange, Sean Hannity, and company are giving Robert Mueller until the 21st to act on DNC/Russia/GOPe collusion. Assange released the hashes to the media for the data dump on the 15th. Either Mueller can do his job and act on information he already has, and that he knows Trump knows he has, or he can try to explain why he didn't do anything with it when everyone learns what he has been sitting on.

This is NOT to be confused with Three Disclosures that have been separately mentioned and are believed to be of larger scope. It is believed to be possible that it may help lay the foundation for them, however.

For indications of confirmation, look for media reports claiming the Pakistani IT guy now in FBI custody, Awan, to be somehow tied to the murder of Seth Rich. Since he's already been taken, the guilty parties will attempt to blame as much as they can on him. In any event, this promises to be bigger than the previous Wikileaks release of the Podesta emails.

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Dreams of Avalon

This is genuinely exciting. It means that the author of the Alt★Hero series Avalon will be constructing a detailed city map of Avalon in cooperation with a highly skilled cartographer, bringing the fictional city to life in more ways than one. Later today, we will add a reward with various poster options, one of which is a full-color city map of Avalon. If you haven't done so yet, you can join the campaign here.

Speaking of Mr. Dixon, The Injustice Gamer is enthusiastic, not only about Mr. Dixon's involvement, but the specific way in which he is involved.
Chuck Dixon knows how to work in parallel with another writer. He also has been burned enough in the industry that if he trusts someone to put his name with a project, the deal is solid. What does his involvement with Alt*Hero mean? From what I've gathered from Vox's postings, Dixon's stories will be written in parallel, but entirely in a city called Avalon. In fact, that's the name of the book.

There's another well reputed book that features a city and its heroes. That's Astro City, written by very liberal Kurt Busiek. Now, Mr. Busiek hasn't sacrificed all his talent to preach SJW thought, but there's been more instances in recent volumes. So, I'm going to hope that in many ways, Avalon will end up being a response to Astro City.
My experience with city-focused fiction has been more literary than comics, but I'm familiar enough with the genre to be stoked about the possibilities this creates. And, by the way, in the event you are a very good illustrator, we've decided it would be a good idea to add one more to the Alt★Hero team. If you think you've got the necessary skills, please send me a link to your portfolio.

And in case you're interested, this is a concept illustration of one of our new heroes, Ryu no Seishin, also known as Spirit of the Dragon. She is another of our backer-designed heroes, and was designed by the very woman who will be cosplaying her.


Monday, October 16, 2017

Mailvox: successfully fighting SJWs

HS writes to tell how SJWADD helped her rout an SJW attempting to converge her neighborhood's site:
Just wanted to send my thanks for your great primer on fighting SJWs.  Today on a social networking site used in my neighborhood I saw an attempt at an SJW convergence.  I instantly recognized the technique from reading your book about SJWs, and used the methods you described to stop it.  Of course she used the SJW argument about “civility” and “inclusion” but I was able to predict and rebut her arguments, and those of her white knight.  My instant fighting back and strong rhetoric encouraged others neighbors to attack her, and she ended up leaving the site.  I’m glad I read your book because I would probably have argued in good faith and not been aggressive, and we may have lost a great tool my neighborhood uses for security, recommendations, and finding services.  It was really amazing to watch how she argued exactly as you said she would, it was like being psychic.  Thanks for your effort in fighting these people!
This stuff actually works because it's real and it is battle-tested. It's not all just theory and hypotheses.

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Because they haven't lost enough fans

ProFootballTalk, which should change its name to FlagFootballTalk, has an exceptionally bad idea:
The hit that broke Aaron Rodgers‘ collarbone on Sunday wasn’t illegal. Maybe it should be.

Vikings outside linebacker Anthony Barr hit Rodgers just after Rodgers released a pass, and the two of them tumbled to the turf with Barr on top of Rodgers. That rather ordinary hit broke Rodgers’ collarbone and dramatically affected the entire NFL season, possibly knocking Rodgers out until 2018 and in the process ending realistic Super Bowl hopes for the Packers.

I think it may be time for a radical rule change, one that makes hits like Barr’s illegal. It may be time for the NFL to consider dramatically expand the roughing the passer rules, and treat quarterbacks like kickers and punters: Basically, you can’t hit them at all once they’ve thrown a pass.

I know, I know, you’re going to tell me I’m soft and weak and ruining the game of football, and that we might as well just play flag football if we’re going to do that. And I’m here to tell you I’ve heard it all before.

I heard the same thing when the NFL changed the roughing the passer rules to prohibit low hits on quarterbacks after Tom Brady suffered a season-ending knee injury in 2008: “How can defensive players possibly be expected to avoid those hits?” But defensive players adjusted, and it’s now unremarkable that those hits are penalized.

And I heard the same thing when the NFL implemented the horse-collar tackle rule: “How can any defensive player ever catch a runner from behind?” But defensive players adjusted, and now the horse-collar tackle rule has been adopted at every level of football and is completely noncontroversial.

I believe the same thing would happen if the NFL dramatically changed the roughing the passer rule. Yes, at first it would seem wrong to see defensive players penalized for putting a shoulder in a quarterback’s chest after he throws a pass. But defensive players would get used to it, coaches would get used to it, and fans would get used to it.

And it would make the game safer for the quarterbacks, the most important players on the field. Is it really a good thing for the NFL that Aaron Rodgers might miss the entire season? Are hits like Barr’s really so fundamental to football that we can’t outlaw them for the health of quarterbacks and the good of the sport? I don’t think so.

The NFL already protects quarterbacks far more than it did when I was growing up as a football fan in the 1980s. But the league can do more. Roughing the passer needs to be expanded.
If they're going to further protect the quarterback, then they need to make it easier for the defensive players to sack them. Either go to two-hands-touch and he's down or give the quarterback two flags and tearing off one of them means he's down. As silly as those options sound, they are much better than pretending that it is still legal to tackle the quarterback, but banning most of the ways to actually tackle him.

But I have two better ideas that will fix nearly everything that is wrong with the NFL on the field.

  1. Weight limits determined by position. No more 280-pound steroid monsters running a 4.6 forty. Get too big, you won't play.
  2. Require quarterbacks to call all the plays with no more interference from the coaches and sidelines.
Of course, neither of these rules changes will fix the problem of convergence of the league's owners and office, but they would fix the main problem of the on-field product being increasingly boring.


The promised rise of nationalism

It is here. It is now. You may recall that I was one of the very few observers of European politics who predicted this years ago. I said it would take two election cycles for the nationalists to come fully to power. We're still in the first one.

  • In a recent poll by the Czech Academy of Sciences, the ANO scored 30.9 percent, more than the two traditional heavyweights in Czech politics -- the Social Democrat CSSD and the right-wing ODS -- combined, who scored just 13.1 percent and 9.1 percent respectively.
  • The takeover of the OeVP in May by "Emperor Kurz" was as swift as it was radical. First he ended the decade-long unhappy coalition with the Social Democrats (SPOe). Then he rebranded the OeVP and its black party colour as a turquoise "movement" tough on migrants and easy on taxes. The strategy of "putting Austrians first" propelled the sluggish OeVP to pole position in opinion polls and Kurz to near-rock star status.
  • The People’s Party (OVP) got 31.6 per cent of the vote, according to exit polls from pollster SORA. Mr Kurz's party is tough on migration, easy on taxes and widely Eurosceptic after rebranding itself over the last few months to propel its popularity in the wealthy Alpine nation. The 31-year-old is expected to form a coalition with the right-wing populist Freedom Party (FPO), who got 26.9 per cent of the vote, according to the latest projections. 
Of course, as with Brexit, the nationalists still have to deliver and free their nations from both the migrant invasions and the chains of the European Union. But be that as it may, it is clear that they have the democratic mandate of their nations, as well as the duty, to do so.

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Taleb calls out Mary Beard

This online relationship between these two intellectuals continues to be highly entertaining:
NassimNicholasTaleb @nntaleb
1/ Many aggressive pseudolibs have smthg highly politically incorrect hidden in them.
-Weinstein demeans women
-Mary Beard is deeply racist
73 replies 83 retweets 299 likes

mary beard‏ @wmarybeard  3h3 hours ago
Could you please take this tweet down.
28 replies 10 retweets 262 likes

NassimNicholasTaleb‏ @nntaleb
Dear Prof. Beard,
I am aware of your attempts (direct & via an overactive mob) at constraining my rights of expression. The answer is no.
About the only way it could get better is if Beard is dumb enough to take Taleb, who never backs down from a fight, to court. I have no doubt that he'd be able to prove his case six different ways and end up with Beard being forced to pay for an official court determination of her own racism.

For crying out loud, all Taleb has to do is cite any of 500 different African-American scholars to conclusively prove that Mary Beard is white, therefore his assertion is true and cannot possibly be considered defamatory.

In fact, this may be an interesting new anti-SJW front in the cultural war.

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Kaepernick sues NFL for collusion

Colin Kaepernick confirms league-wide suspicions that he's more of a pain than he's worth:
Colin Kaepernick has been waiting patiently for his next NFL opportunity. His patience has now expired. PFT has confirmed that Kaepernick has filed a grievance against the NFL under the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The grievance alleges that the NFL’s teams colluded in not signing him to a contract, presumably due to his decision to kneel during the national anthem in 2016.

Kaepernick has retained outside counsel to handle the claim. The NFL Players Association will remain in touch with Kaepernick as the grievance proceeds; however, Kaepernick’s private counsel will be spearheading the effort.

The filing of the grievance was first reported by Mike Freeman of

Kaepernick became a free agent in March after opting out of the final year of his contract with the 49ers. (San Francisco G.M. John Lynch has said that the team would have cut Kaepernick if he hadn’t opted out.) The Seahawks brought Kaepernick in for a visit, but did not sign him. The Ravens were considering adding Kaepernick during training camp. Owner Steve Bisciotti publicly acknowledged that fans had expressed opposition to the possibility.

The last straw may have been the failure of the Titans to give Kaepernick a tryout after quarterback Marcus Mariota suffered an injured hamstring. The Titans instead brought in Brandon Weeden, Matt McGloin, Matt Barkley, and T.J. Yates, before signing Weeden.
The clever part is that if Kaepernick wins, the Collective Bargaining Agreement will be voided, so even players who don't support Kaepernick will have an incentive to hope he wins. The not-so-clever part is that it appears highly unlikely that he will win. The fact that nobody wants him on their roster is not indicative of collusion, it is merely a sign that no team wants to anger its season-ticket holders.

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Salon's favorite conservatives

In case you're looking for an official list of the 25 biggest cucks, this would appear to be it. The only real surprise is that Erick Ericksen and Ben Shapiro are missing from the list.
Liberals in shock over the the 2016 election were prescribed a heavy dose of reality. "Get out of your bubble," the doctors note illegibly read. It was a hard truth for the American left. They found out the U.S. was not as progressive as originally thought. Their steady diet of MSNBC and left-wing op-eds only reinforced biases and preconceived beliefs. The country's actual, collective tilt wholly evaded them.

One recommended solution: Search out opposing points of view. Turn on Fox News every once in a while; follow more conservative voices on Twitter. This would be an honorable endeavor for liberals, if it didn't expose them to pure lunacy on a regular basis.

With every right-wing follow added on Twitter, liberals inched closer to the likes of Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec appearing on their "who to follow" suggestions. A few brave liberals likely made the leap and added Cernvovich and Posobeic to their timeline, only to find their feeds polluted by offensive nonsense.

But what if we told you there are 25 conservatives actually worth following on Twitter? What if we said that there are conservatives that not only dislike President Trump, but also engage in a level of ideological introspection that has surpassed most liberals and offer you a better look at their fellows on the right? Wouldn't you have to check them out?

Well, here they are, the 25 must-follow conservatives on Twitter. And here are some reasons they like them.
  • an active voice on issues of race and inequality and has appropriately combated the white-nationalist movement fermenting on the right.
  • A former campaign staffer for Jeb Bush
  • An outspoken proponent of immigration and LGBT causes. She also believes in climate change.
  • a critic of right-wing media
  • a strategist for John McCain and John Kasich before becoming a CNN contributor
  • Jon Stewart notoriously relied on him for his analysis and commentary
  • an adviser for Mitt Romney
Kilgore Trout
Atticus Goldfinch
Tim Carlson
Tim Miller
Ana Navarro
Richard W. Painter
Jennifer Rubin
Ben Howe
Ken White, Popehat
Haley Byrd
Josh Jordan
Bill Kristol
John Weaver
Tom Nichols
Kat Timpf
Stuart Stevens
Noah Rothman
Jay Caruso
Rick Wilson
S.E. Cupp
John Podhoretz
David Frum
Stephen Hayes

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NFL Week 6

This is the weekly open thread.


Mailvox: the furrowed brow

As I pointed out in Cuckservative, it doesn't matter which side the moderates say they are on. They will always, always, always prefer to virtue-signal by shooting at "their" side. Either you're too impolite or you're insufficiently inclusive or you're too extreme or your bow tie is tied improperly. Regardless, they are always irrelevant and serve no purpose except as speedbumps for the side they nominally support.

A Castalia House blogger notes that the moderates have discovered Alt★Hero.
There's another outraged blog post about Alt★Hero, this time from Kasimir Urbanski. He claims that what you're doing is just like SJW Marvel. I read the post, and he behaves exactly as you said moderates do -- they shoot at their own side, saying that we have to behave more civilized than the opposition, all in some attempt to avoid charges of being too mean instead of backing up people who actually take action. They expect to both fight the SJWs and follow the (im)moral standards SJWs set, standards the SJWs happily ignore.
Let's see what this gentleman has to say:
And that's what bothers me about Alt-Hero. We certainly could use someone coming along and making a new comics universe that was ABOUT THE COMICS in the same way the OSR is about the games. One that didn't ignore politics completely, or shy from moral lessons, or push a leftist agenda, but that wasn't just a facade for right-wing propagandism either.

 I would love to see a universe that had heroes that actually embodied heroism, that had moral values, that were patriotic, that believed in family, that stood up for classical Enlightenment values, who saluted the flag. And this would have the "Aleena Effect" of SJWs protesting against a hero in a US flag, and everyone who likes US flags abandoning the SJWs.

 But above all, that it would focus on the comics. Instead, Alt-hero has every appearance of being something that will involve someone who is fundamentally not really all that into comics (at least, not enough to value the subculture) injecting ideological propaganda into the medium of the comic, with the comics' conventions being largely an afterthought to sledgehammering their political agenda.

 That means Alt-Hero looks like it's going to be pretty much just like SJW Marvel.
That is pure textbook. One of the reliable marks of the moderate is his total inability to distinguish tactics from objectives. The ironic thing is that to ignore something like the SJW invasion of literally every aspect of society would be to inject ideological propaganda into the comics, as it is one of the most significant aspects of our society today. Omitting that, or immigration, would be like pretending the Cold War wasn't happening during the 70s and 80s.

But this is good news, in my opinion. The more the moderates are concerned and even upset, the more likely it is that Alt★Hero is going to be effective.

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An obligation

James Kirchick explains why Jews residing in America have an obligation "to pay it forward by supporting a liberal immigration regime" in an article entitled "Can American Jews Be White Nationalists?"
Nobody’s politics or worldview should be determined by their racial, ethnic, or religious background—certainly not in a country as big, diverse, and welcoming as America. But if there’s an issue that should be at least influenced by one’s American Jewish identity, it’s immigration. And that’s because America, quite simply, has been great for the Jews, whose forebears in the shtetls of Europe spoke about it as the goldene medina, a golden land. Enslaved, ghettoized and murdered throughout our history, Jews have been welcomed by America with open arms.

Of course, that has not always been the case. During the Jewish people’s most desperate hour, Franklin Delano Roosevelt slammed the door shut on migrants from Nazi Germany. And it wasn’t until the middle of the 20th century that institutional discrimination against Jews, in the forms of university quotas and the like, came to an end. But few other nations have been so hospitable to Jews as the United States. Indeed, it’s hard to think of any other minority group that has succeeded so much thanks to America’s generosity and openness. The American idea allowed us to flourish to the point where we are the most widely admired religious group in the country. That is not a condition, to say the least, with which Jews have been much familiar at any other point in our long and beleaguered history, anywhere else in the world.

American Jews, then, have something of a communal obligation to pay it forward by supporting a liberal immigration regime. And by and large we have: Jews and Jewish organizations are very pro-immigration. This implied social responsibility doesn’t necessarily entail support for open borders. Nor does it apply to other parts of the world; continued mass Muslim immigration from North Africa and the Middle East into Europe, for example, is a portentous development that will make Jewish life there, already difficult, increasingly so. But an American Jew calling for a drastic reduction in legal immigration to America is unseemly. 
Any group of U.S. residents whose first and foremost question is "is it good for our little group" rather than "is it good for America" is not permitted to use the phrase "fellow Americans". Because they are nothing of the kind.

A man cannot serve two masters. And while a man can collect as much paperwork as he likes, he can never be member of two nations. Jesus Christ himself told Christians they were to be in, but not of, the world, which is why Christians have been considered a threat by governments everywhere since the days of the Emperor Augustus.

But a nation is neither a state nor a government. Much mischief has been committed, and much confusion has been sown, by those who insist on conflating the nation with the state.

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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Not one, but two

A number of people have asked for a way to buy Alt★Hero Novel #2, so we have created two new ways to do so as part of the Alt★Hero campaign. We have also found two of the three cosplay models for the promised photo shoot.

Novel Ebook #2
This is to receive a copy of Alt★Hero novel #2, by Vox Day and Jon Del Arroz, in DRM-free EPUB and MOBI formats.

Add-On: Digital Starter Kit
This is to receive the nine volumes of comics, the two ebooks, the cosplay photos, and, if the Stretch Goal is achieved, the city map of Avalon, all in digital format.

We have also added a new stretch goal which promises to be very cool. I have already selected the cartographer and he is excellent. My objective is to provide a beautiful map that will be more detailed than any of the maps of Gotham that are out there, in order to create a world that feels more real than anything in the DC or Marvel universes.

Map of Avalon
Castalia House will produce a detailed map of Avalon, the fictional city central to the Alt★Hero universe. The map will be created by Chuck Dixon in cooperation with an accomplished cartographer.


Dismantling Obama

The God-Emperor is systematically eradicating Obama's bureaucratic and legislative legacies:
With each passing day, President Donald Trump unravels another piece of Barack Obama's legacy. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. The Paris climate accords. The Iran nuclear deal. Transgender people serving in the military. And, now, that most personal of policies for the former president: The Affordable Care Act.

And yet Obama watches from the sidelines, mostly silent, as Trump punches holes in the dry wall of his freshly finished legacy.

Sure, he's living his best, most fabulous post-presidential life -- jetting around the world, spending time with his family, spending time with the rich and famous, making millions to write books, making hundreds of thousands of dollars for the simple act of opening his mouth.

But Trump is ticking through each of Obama's policy achievements -- foreign and domestic -- and trying to dismantle them. CNN's Chris Cillizza wrote Friday that unraveling what Obama wrought seems to motivate just about everything Trump has done as President.
On a not-necessarily-entirely-unrelated note, one thought that occurs to me about the Weinstein situation is that the chans have been buzzing for weeks about an imminent, and decisive, move by the God-Emperor against the bi-factional ruling party and the deep bureaucracy. Now, this could be nothing more than wishful thinking on their part, but I had been already wondering what the true purpose of the NFL attack could be, other than shoring up his public support, since it was so obviously a major distraction for the media and the public alike. Now I'm wondering if it might have been to set the stage for the coming revelations that are said to be "beyond massive".

An interesting consequence of the Weinstein case is the way in which it has prepared the public to find revelations an almost unthinkable degree of corruption and evil in powerful places to be credible. If the God-Emperor is going to go nuclear on his establishment enemies, the planets would appear to be in a favorable alignment.

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The kind of girl you want to marry

This young woman pretty much defines it. She's not only cute and relaxed about the unanticipated, but has genuine love in her heart.
The dog was coaxed back outside by guests, and with order now restored, the ceremony went forward with the actual bride in place. But as the couple read their vows, the furry wedding crasher returned.

"The dog entered and laid down to sleep on my veil," Marília said. This time, no one had the heart to turn the dog back out into the storm — certainly not Marília. She was more than happy to share the spotlight, and a bit of her gown, with the sweet pup. "It was a very pleasant surprise for me, because I love animals," she said. "I liked it very much."

"We decided to adopt him because he is a street dog," Marília said. "It took us a long time to find him again, but yesterday, we were contacted and told his whereabouts." Before long, the couple reencountered the dog, whom they've named Snoop: "He came home, and I showered him," Marília said. "He played a lot, ate, drank water. He is very happy and slept super good the first night."
It's always a good sign when a woman loves dogs and says things like "super good." It is a fairly reliable sign that she's both grounded and positive. One of reasons Spacebunny and I hit it off immediately was because we both had dogs. Most of our initial dates involved taking them for walks through the forests near one of our homes. Looking at her, surrounded by all the colors of the autumn leaves, calling after one dog or the other, I always felt as if I had somehow found myself in an Eddie Bauer ad.

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Alt★Hero on Cernovich

I was interviewed by Andrew Meyer of Cerno News last night. We discussed Alt★Hero, the Hollywood scandal, and whether or not the startling revelation that the Pussycat Dolls were high-end prostitutes is a reflection of the scandal's expansion into the music industry or not.

Speaking of Alt★Hero, we'll be adding a new Reward and a new Goal later today. The Reward is Ebook Novel #2, which will be available for $5. The Goal is a detailed map of Avalon, created by Chuck Dixon and an excellent cartographer, which will unlock at $125K.

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That was fast

Six years after women are permitted on British submarines, the top two officers on a sub have been cashiered, along with two female officers:
Five officers on board the submarine have threatened to quit amid the reports Stuart Armstrong, 41, commanding officer of the Vanguard-class submarine HMS Vigilant, was sexually involved with an officer. The incident came to light after a member of the crew alerted senior officials at the vessel's base in Faslane, near Glasgow, and Armstrong has since been relieved of his duties.

The allegations sparked anger among crew members and when their boat completed its patrol and docked in the US, a source told The Times a handful wanted to hand in their notice.

Armstrong's second-in-command Lieutenant Commander Michael Seal has also been suspended amid the claims, according to The Sun, who also named Sub-Lieutenant Edwards - Assistant Weapons Engineering Officer on HMS Vigilant - as one of the women involved.

HMS Vigilant is one of four British nuclear-armed Vanguard submarines on active patrol which provide protection to the UK in case of a nuclear war.... It was only six years ago that a ban preventing female officers serving on submarines was lifted.
As I mentioned in my interview with Cerno Media last night, permitting women entry destroys the integrity, the quality, and the status of every male institution. It doesn't matter if it is academia, the church, the military, gaming guilds, comics, science fiction awards, or the Boy Scouts. In the immortal words of Bill Simmons, "the lesson, as always, is this: 'women ruin everything.'"

If you don't guard your borders, you will be overrun. It plays out the same way every single time. The main problem is not with the women, who are simply doing what women do and seeking out the alpha men - it's not a coincidence that the two men involved are the Commander and the Lieutenant Commander - but rather, with the low-status white knights who are excited to have women around on a daily basis because they hope that they might improve their poor odds.

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Friday, October 13, 2017

You're not one of them

And also, you have to go back.
Hats, as Racked explored earlier this year, have historically signaled that the wearer is part of a team — and when is the desire to belong more acute than in middle school? Of course, teams don't exist without opponents, and for some to feel like they're on the inside, others need to be left out.

It was clear to one mother, who asked to remain anonymous, who fell into the latter category and who didn't when she picked her son up from his middle-school trip to DC: "Our school district has a good amount of minorities in it, but we were all stunned. Every single white kid besides maybe one or two walked off the bus with a red hat on," she said.

While she, her husband, and their children were all born in the United States, they are Muslim-American and not white, and the hats were just the most recent and most visible symbol of a racial divide that, she says, her son has seen escalate since November.

"I think 12-year-old boys use it as a form of bullying — identifying themselves as part of this group to the exclusion of others just for the fun of it. That's what it seemed like to me," she says. "Us over here with the red hats, and you over there… you're not even an individual anymore. Now you're just one of the brown kids and you're not one of us."
The God-Emperor's winning never ends. The Red Hats are the sans cullottes of the 21st century. Never forget that homogeneous nations are usually derived from heterogeneous empires.

You may not like these developments. You may think that they are cruel, racist, and wrong. And your opinion of that matters about as much as your opinion of a melon striking the pavement after being dropped from 100 meters high. Civic nationalism has observably failed. The melting pot was always a propagandistic lie. Human nature did not change when the Declaration of Independence was written, and in any event, it was not written for the 80 million post-1965 invaders of America.

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The company knew

 So much for the protestations of innocence.
Harvey's brother and fellow co-founder Bob Weinstein, as well as the company's president, David Glasser, had told concerned staff as recently as Tuesday that they were shocked and unaware of the confidential settlements made with various women.

However, according to a clause in his 2015 contract, if the movie mogul was charged with sexual harassment he was in charge of all legal payouts and had to pay an additional fine to the company.
'You [Weinstein] will pay the company liquidated damages of $250,000 for the first such instance, $500,000 for the second such instance, $750,000 for the third such instance, and $1,000,000 for each additional instance,' the contract reads.

According to the document, as long as Weinstein pays it constitutes a 'cure' for any misconduct and no further action can or will be taken.

In more simple terms, that means that no matter how many times he is sued - as long as he is willing to pay he won't be fired.

If Weinstein were to ever be indicted for a crime the contract contains language that would allow the Board of Directors to fire him.
No, but you see, it was only "to cover consensual affairs." Sure it was. Good luck trying to hold that line of defense.

UPDATE: And the knives are now out, now that it is clearly safe to declare opposition.
Hachette Book Group is disbanding the company's Weinstein Books imprint, effective immediately.

"Going forward, titles currently under the Weinstein Books imprint will be published by our Hachette Books imprint, and the Weinstein Books imprint team will join Hachette Books," the company said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter.

Perseus Books, which is part of Hachette, has had a co-publishing agreement with The Weinstein Co. that has produced about 10 books a year.

UPDATE: Ronan Farrow deserves all the credit he is getting, and then some. When NBC shut down his investigation, he kept it going on his own dime, then brought it to the New Yorker. Suffice it to say this is NOT normal journalistic behavior.

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If you're worried about story

One of the concerns that keeps being raised about Alt★Hero by people who are observably unfamiliar with the fact that I am a novelist is that the comic is going to be nothing more than anti-SJW preaching and attempts to trigger SJWs. But this is nothing more than confusing the advertisement with the product.

But consider the following review for one of my more recent novels, A Sea of Skulls:
Better then GOT

I read a lot of fiction. Vox's writing skill is superb. He takes no shortcuts with weaving his tale. Explores many different approaches in his books. In throne of bones he spans the life of one character in one chapter. In another he tries his hand a describing a battle from many many different soldiers views as they fight and die. In sea of skulls he pulls back a bit on experimentation and instead explores each major race in his universe from their perspective. Each perspective is unique and masterfully done.
Now, you may well be dubious about the possibility that my Arts of Dark and Light series is genuinely better than A Song of Ice and Fire, especially if you haven't read A Dance with Dragons. After all, HBO hasn't even made a television series about it yet. But if you look at the reviews of both books over time, you'll see how the initial comparisons to Martin begin to fade away and are replaced by comparisons - admittedly, unfavorable - to Tolkien.

This is not indicative of a writer who is unable to tell a story, create memorable characters, or is prone to sacrificing either in the interest of delivering dogmatic, heavy-handed lectures. I don't believe in either cheap heroism or cheap villainry, as both are the product of mediocre writers with insufficient imagination. While I would consider Captain Europa to be a villain and the Global Justice Initiative to be evil, he most certainly does not.

Nor do I believe that my favored side must always win. After all, the ultimate heroism is self-sacrificial, and I am not even remotely hesistant to kill off even my favorite characters if the story's logic demands it. (The fact that this also helps solve the fatal perspective-character-inflation problem is merely a fortunate side-effect.) Nor do I ever indulge in the storytelling fraud that is so often present in Martin, Marvel, and DC stories; there are few literary devices for which I have more contempt than "bringing back" an obviously dead character. It's not only lame and fake drama, it is unnecessary for the sufficiently skilled writer.

Here's the thing: EVERYTHING triggers SJWs. It's not as if we have to go even remotely out of our way to set them off. We can focus 100 percent on telling excellent stories and we probably won't even need to go back and add anything in order to have them REEEEEEing at frequencies higher than have ever been recorded at the Metropolitian opera. Not that I won't insert the occasional shiv and twist, out of nothing more than the pure joy of it, but we simply don't have to. In these forsaken days of the Forgettable Squirrel She-Thing, just having pretty women with attractive bodies is more than enough.

So, if you are genuinely concerned about the storytelling aspects of the new series, you can either read my novels or you can simply wait to see what sort of stories we deliver in Alt★Hero. As for me, all I can say is that I am enjoying the challenge of raising my storytelling game in order to keep pace with the legendary Chuck Dixon.

And that, I suspect, is the real concern of the comics SJWs. They're not at all concerned about our prospective failure. They're concerned about our prospective success.

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Attention Dread Ilk

This strikes me as an opportunity to put some steel in the nonexistent spine of National Review.
We're hiring! NR is looking to add a multi-talented individual to help build our social media presence. Apply here.
We've infiltrated Antifa and other left-wing organizations. I don't see any reason why we shouldn't do the same to the leading cuckservative organizations. If you've got the credentials, give it a whirl.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Retreat in Catalonia

Spain and the EU managed to call the Catalan bluff:
Don’t let the cheers in the Catalan Parliament fool you. There’s been a full-blooded retreat from the separatists. After rowdy demonstrations, a covert referendum (which drew a violent response from Spanish police) and vows to set up a new republic, Catalan President Carles Puigdemont blinked.

Many lawmakers gathered for a special session of the regional legislature were hoping to hear a declaration of independence. Instead, he put the process on hold to make another appeal for talks with the Spanish government. No deadline. No leverage. And Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s response was powerful: he started the process that could see Puigdemont’s administration stripped of its powers.

Already last night cracks were opening up in the separatist coalition, suggesting a regional election may be necessary next year.

Perhaps Puigdemont had no real choice. The EU made it clear an independent Catalonia would be isolated. The region’s biggest companies were pulling out. And elite Spanish police officers were waiting to arrest him.
The reason the Catalan bid for independence is going to fail is that they don't want actually want to be independent. They simply want to move up one rung on the EU totem pole. And that isn't something that anyone in their right mind is going to fight or die for.

The Spanish misplayed this situation badly, but were ultimately saved by the fact that the Catalans were always ultimately hoping for the EU to swoop in and tell its member state that it had to let Catalonia go. Once the EU belatedly clear that it had no intention of doing so and called the Catalan bluff, the secessionists had no choice but to blink. Because they never, ever, intended to fight.

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New page up

The second page of Alt★Hero Volume III is up; scroll down to the bottom of the page below the tank cover.


Robbed of their culture

No wonder the West is dying, raising children like young trees with their roots all severed:
At breakfast, in the glass-towered city of Vancouver, five-year-old Abigail looks glumly at her half-eaten bowl of cereal.

"What is it, honey?" I brush the bangs back from her face.

She lets out a big sigh. "I wish I wasn't white."

I start. Nothing in the parenting manuals has prepared me for that.

"All we've ever done is hurt people," she continues. "I wish my skin was dark and that I had a culture."

We live in a part of the city where immigrant families abound. Our neighbours are homesick, first-generation Mexicans, which means that salsas and pinatas and Aztec legends feature prominently at shared social gatherings. Our family regularly eats in Little India where we gush over the flavours of curry and dhal, and every February, we attend the Chinese New Year parade in the slanting rain. Plus, my husband and I are children of missionaries and harbour an acute guilt for the cultural imperialism of our forebears. To compensate, we've raised our children with a deep appreciation of non-Western cultures.

So when Abigail laments the colour of her white skin, part of me is programmed to protest. Is it not my moral obligation to tell her that her feelings of poor self-worth are nothing compared with the psychological ruin of real racism? Girl, everything about Canadian culture weighs in your advantage and you have no right to snivel!

Instead, I feel a sadness settle over me. We thought we were raising the enlightened child of the 21st century. We thought we were doing our part in setting the history record straight. Yet, in doing so, it seems we have robbed our oldest child of something primal to psychological health, something elemental to her well-being as a human being: cultural roots.
And it's not going to end well just because you teach them about tea time. The word "fundamentalist" stems from those who go back to the basics of the religion, back to the fundamentals. It is time for us to become cultural fundamentalists, and our roots are Christianity, the Greco-Roman legacy, and the European nations.

The alternative is this societal suicide in the name of not being called racist. Of all the reasons for a society to die off, this simply must be the most utterly stupid ever witnessed on this planet.


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